General Information


Court usage:

Courts 1-4 & 9-11 usage is on a first come first served basis, when at least two of your players have arrived, you can write your name on the booking sheet.

If there is a queue, singles are allocated one hour and doubles one and a half hours.

 Courts 5-8 (from April 1st) will be booked via

Visitors  can only play up to 6pm Mon – Fri or anytime on Saturday and Sunday provided the € 7 visitors fee is charged and their name is entered into the visitors book (prior to playing). Envelopes are provided and the fee should be posted into the office letterbox. A visitor may only play ONCE each month.

Court etiquette:

• Mobile phones: must be turned off or on silent when playing.
• Players should use the appropriate gates to gain access to their court and not walk across a court if there is a point in progress.


Access to the Clubhouse

All members are given a swipe card, which is used to enter the club house. The same card will enable you to access the ladies or the mens changing rooms.

membership card

Light cards

Light cards are available from the bar and from the office at a cost of €2.00. To activate lights on a court, the card should be inserted into the appropriate reader box that is near the squash courts. One light card lasts approximately 1 hour 10 minutes. If they go out, it takes 10 minutes for them to come back on again, so try insert a new card before the previous one expires if you are in the middle of a game

Tennis Attire

Only recognized tennis attire may be worn on court. (No leggings, Bermuda shorts, rugby/football gear etc. cycling shorts, swimwear / beachwear.)

As stated by the club's tennis bye-laws:

Tennis Shoes

Shoes worn on court must be a recognised tennis shoe with non-marking soles. Casual shoes, runners or other forms of sports shoes are not permitted on the tennis courts.

Players wearing inappropriate shoes will be asked by committee members or officers of the club to stop playing and to leave the court, as they will be in danger of causing injury to themselves as well as causing considerable damage to the courts.

tennis shoes

Recommended tennis shoes

This is a recommended list of tennis shoes. If in doubt, please purchase shoes from this list to help prevent damage to the courts and personal injury.

  • K-Swiss - all tennis shoes excluding the Classic range
  • Adidas - all tennis shoes excluding running / cross trainers
  • Asics Omni - all tennis shoes excluding running / cross trainers
  • Wilson - all shoes without exception
  • Prince - all tennis shoes
  • Hi Tec - all tennis shoes
  • Lotto - all tennis shoes
  • Babolat - all tennis shoes

If you do need advice as to what is a non marking tennis shoe then we would recommend visiting:

Martyn Evans Sports at Fitzwilliam Tennis Club (on Winton Road - see map) or
OK Sports (on Wynnefield Road, Rathmines - see map)

Rules and Etiquette

Here are the official rules of tennis

Rules of Tennis

and here is a link to the code: the players' guide for unofficiated matches:


When you've read all that, test your knowledge on a quiz!

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