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Dublin Lawn Tennis Council (DLTC) Inter club leagues

Summer league:

  • Held in May / June on Mon / Tues / Wed evenings for ladies and at the weekends for men
  • Teams consist of seven players: three singles and two doubles pairings
  • Teams are primarily selected on the basis of the singles ladder

Senior League (Over 35, O/45 and O/55):

  • Entries this year close late July with matches starting in early Sept. Men play on Sunday mornings and the ladies in the afternoon
  • Teams consist of three doubles pairings
  • Selected from the singles and doubles ladders

Floodlight league:

  • Entries close in August with matches starting in early Oct. Held throughout Oct and Nov on Tuesday and Wednesday nights
  • Teams consist of four players: two singles and one doubles. Draw on the night decides who plays singles and who plays doubles.
  • Selected from the singles ladders.

Winter league:

  • Entries close with the DLTC in December with games from end January. Round-robin section runs for five consecutive weeks. 
  • The mens matches are generally held on Sat mornings and ladies on Sun afternoons.
  • Teams consist of three pairs of doubles, selected from the mens and the ladies doubles ladders respectively.
  • If you don't have a doubles partner and are interested in playing in winter league, then contact the tennis captains who will try to assist you.

Mixed League: 

  • Entries close with the DLTC in May with games from early July played on Friday nights.
  • Class 1 to 3 only.
  • Teams consist of 3 mixed doubles pairings.


Team Selection

  • DLTC League teams are selected primarily based on the club ladders. (Members who wish to be considered for a team are strongly encouraged to compete for ladder positions). In certain circumstances captains' discretion will be utilised and recent tournament performance and attendance at coaching sessions may be taken into consideration.
  • Ladder rules can be viewed in the ladder books at the reception area on the club or on the website. 
  • If you are not on the ladder, you can join by making a challenge to any position. If you lose the match, you drop to the bottom of the ladder.