Club History

1938-class2winnersMount Pleasant L.T.C. is one of Dublin's leading raquet sports clubs, and the only club in the city with tennis, squash and badminton sections (and table tennis too). Founded in 1893 it is amongst the oldest in the city. Henry Joseph Dolan was the first President of Mount Pleasant L.T.C. The club is situated in a beautifully preserved Georgian square in Ranelagh, close to the city centre. The Square itself was mainly developed by the Dolan family in the early part of the 19th century.

The club is owned and operated by members for the benefit of members. All surplus funds are re-invested or held for the benefit of members.

Sporting Life  

The club membership stands at around 900 with about 550 tennis members and the rest more or less equally divided between squash and badminton. A variety of tournaments are held throughout the year suitable for all standards, including tennis Open Week, which one of the largest tournaments in Ireland with many hundred of entries. The club also runs ladders and enters league teams in all four sports (see right), and is the premier badminton club in Leinster. There are a number of coaches available for players who want to learn or improve their game, and circuit training is also available to help you keep fit. The club has an extremely active membership, the envy of most other clubs. Huge numbers of members (frequently into the hundreds) take part in both the club's own tournaments and events and also open tournaments in other clubs around Dublin (e.g. Bective, Lansdowne, etc.) and further afield (e.g. Wexford, Sligo, Galway). The club has hosted a variety of events in recent years, for example: 2004: Senior League Finals 2003: Ladies' Winter League Finals 2002/03/04: Intercounty Finals 2000: ITF 'Futures' tour event 1988: Davis Cup - Europe Group II final (Ireland beating Greece 5-0)

Social Life

The complement the sporting side of things, the club has a very active social life.