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Welcome to MP Tennis Box league!

The Tennis Box League was started by the tennis committee in May 2012 after the reported success of a similar league in squash. The aim of the league is to encourage regular competitive play and to help players expand their circle of hitting partners. It is particularly beneficial for new members.

It is a mixed singles league, with participants grouped together in boxes of five or six players of a similar standard. Approximately 450 members participate in the Box League and range from beginners to experienced players. There are four Tennis Box League competitions each calendar year (January-February, April-May, July-August, October-November).

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  • All Tennis Box League matches take the form of a pro-set (i.e. first to 8 games, winning by 2) with a regular tiebreak at 7-7. Games are full games.

  • Box League matches do not get match priority and must be completed within the usual singles allocation time of 1 hour. Short warm-ups are advised! In the event that the match is unfinished after one hour, it is at the discretion of the two players concerned as to how to decide the tie.  Suggested approaches may be:
  1. continue to play (on the court they are playing on or a different court if available)
  2. agree to meet to play again at a future time to finish out the game
  3. stop the game and award the win to the player in front e.g. someone is winning 6-2, give the two players 2 extra games to bring the winning player up to 8 games (8-4 win overall on club manager)
  • Players should arrange their own matches which must be played during the six weeks of the Box League competition. It is the job of all players nominated at the top of their individual league to set up a whatsapp group for their particular group. Fellow member contact details are found on the 'My Dashboard' page in Club Manager.
  • In the case of injury/unavailability please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Due to the promotion/relegation nature of the league, awarding a walkover is unfair to other members of the box. We will do everything to facilitate play of a match and will only consider a walkover if the circumstances warrant it.

  • Box standings will be by the points accumulated. Points are given for playing games as well as for winning them, to encourage participation. Points are awarded as follows:-

    • 8/0 (winner gets 20, loser 4)
    • 8/1 (winner gets 19, loser 5)
    • 8/2 (winner gets 18, loser 6)
    • 8/3 (winner gets 17, loser 7)
    • 8/4 (winner gets 16, loser 8)
    • 8/5 (winner gets 15, loser 9)
    • 8/6 (winner gets 14, loser 10)
    • 8/7 (winner gets 13, loser 11)
  • At the end of the round, one player will be promoted and another relegated based on their placings in the group (except for those in the very top and bottom leagues).
  • Any questions should be addressed to tennis committee member Silviu Petrescu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good Luck to all, enjoy your games!